CCS Wear Tests

There’s no better way to test out a skate product than to skate in it. This may go down in CCS history as the most obvious statement ever written, but the truth never goes out of style so we will say it over and over again. There's no better way to test out a product than to skate in it. Watch out for updates: new products wear tested weekly.

100 Kickflips in the Adidas Lucas Premiere with Nora Vasconcellos

Nora Vasconcellos comes in blazing with 100 Kickflips in the Adidas Lucas Premiere ADV Shoes. She wanted to do her first 20 on some transition, and we thought that meant to fakie or something, but sure enough she took the first 20 to axles, rock n rolls, disasters, and pivot fakies.

100 Kickflips in the Vans UltraRange Pro Shoes

Matt and Kev took to an all new location for the 100 Kickflip Wear Test of the Vans UltraRange Pro. Right off the bat Kev was impressed with how light and supportive the shoe was.

100 Kickflips With Lizard King In The Supra Kensington

Lizard King kickflipped on, out of, over, onto, and into everything at the park. In the end, the shoes looked great. The Kensington is a reimagined chukka version of Supra’s popular Flow slip-on shoe. See how they held up and grab a pair at

100 Kickflips in the Proper Cinex with Shawn Baravetto

Having the owner of a company doing 100 kickflips in their shoe is indeed a first for CCS.

100 Kickflips In The Nike SB FC Classic vs. Koston Hypervulc

Matt chose the Nike SB Koston Hypervulc, and Kevin chose the Nike SB FC Classic. Help us decide which shoe held up better either by leaving a comment on YouTube! Now, let’s get ready to rumble!

100 Kickflips in the Etnies Michelin Marana with Chris Joslin

We asked Etnies Marana rider, Chris Joslin, to see how the Michelin Marana felt and how they matched up to the original Etnies Marana.

100 Kickflips in the Osiris D3 Shoes

The Osiris D3 Shoes are one of the most talked about, mythologized, and arguably, most durable skate shoes ever designed. Today, we have the distinct pleasure of introducing (or reacquainting you) to the very same shoe, the Osiris 2001 D3, via the 100 Kickflip Wear Test.

100 Trick Wear Test: Nike SB Blazer Low XT with Ben Raybourn

We told Ben to go nuts and just kept count of his tricks to make sure he did 100 and then we put him in a new pair of Nike SB Zoom Air Blazer Low XT’s and turned him loose. It turns out Ben does 100 tricks in his sleep so this test was pretty unreal to watch. See how the shoes held up and pick up a pair at CCS!

Kevin Kowalski for CCS Movement

Check out this pre roll footage of Kevin Kowalski's May 2017 CCS Movement Thrasher Ad. Kevin is skating in the CCS Banks Straight Fit Jeans - Washed Black. Swoop up a pair of CCS Pants now!

100 Backside 360's In The Supra Shifter Shoes

Watch David Tofighi's super smooth Backside 360's all around Portland on a sunny warm summer day. Don't forget to check out the Supra Shifter Shoes at!

Arcade Belts: 100 Hamburger Wear Test

Okay, so we didn’t really eat 100 hamburgers, but you get the joke right? Our friends at Arcade wanted to get in on this wear test game so we thought of the best possible ways to show you how great the belts are! Pick up an Arcade Belt now!

1000 Grind Wear Test On Independent Stage 11 Trucks

We grabbed some of the best grinders we know, Kevin Kowalski and Mason Merlino, and sent them down south to put a hurting on a pair of Independent Stage 11 Trucks.

100 Kickflips In The Clear Weather Donny Shoes

Matt Price skated the relatively new-to-the-scene shoe company, Clear Weather. Clear Weather has been steady crushing in the Lifestyle/Sneaker footwear industry for some time now, but the Donny, Jeffrey, and Walter that dropped this year are Clear Weather’s first foray back into the skate scene.

100 Kickflips in the Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 Shoes

For this very special edition of our CCS 100 Kickflip Wear Test, we called in two out of work wrestlers to perform 50 of the nastiest, brutalist, most down right dirty kickflips (from the high ropes) we’ve ever seen. Pick up a pair of Crockett Pro 2's now!

Adidas Samba ADV: 600 Skateboard Trick Wear Test

We wanted to do something special for this shoe so we grabbed five of our ripping employees and gave them each an individual challenge that resulted in 600 tricks going down in the Adidas Samba ADV!

100 Kickflips (Impossible Edition) In The HUF Classic High Shoes

We hit up our friend James Alby who happens to have the Impossible on lock and we put him in a pair of his favorite HUF Classic High Shoes to see what would happen. We can honestly say that the wear is nothing like we’ve ever seen from kickflips! Check out how the shoes held up and

100 Kickflips In The Nike SB Blazer Premium With Devin Porter

Devin Porter (A.K.A. Pep 2 Cheez) embarked upon the CCS 100 Kickflip Challenge in the Nike SB Blazer Premium. After sweating half his body weight Devin conquered 80 furious flicks and wanted MORE! He decided take his last 20 kickflips at The Wedge to flick his way to 100 over hips, stairs, and friends!

100 Kickflips In The Vans Half Cab Pro With Sean Bonnette

Good friend and CCS Apparel Ambassador, Sean Bonnette 100 Kick Flipped the Vans Half Cab Pro’s and they held up to his kickflip carnage. See how Sean and the Half Cab Pro’s held up and then pick up a pair of this iconic skate shoe at CCS!

100 Kickflips On A Snowskate (Fail) and Winter Wear Test

We carry a whole bunch of stuff at CCS that makes the snow a little more bearable. After getting a record amount of powder here in Portland last week we decided to grab all the waterproof, and weather-treated products we had and put them all to the test at once!

Santa Does 100 Kickflips In The Nike SB Janoski Hyperfeel

We found you a fat, young Santa who does mediocre kickflips and was willing to break in a new pair of Janoski Hyperfeel's in the snow! It wasn’t pretty watching old Kris Kringle huff and puff his way through 100 flicks, but with the help of some cookies and a smashed jug of milk, he was able to get put these technically advanced Nike’s to the test.

100 Kickflips in the C1RCA Gravette with David Gravette

David was not content with our usual back and forth kickflips, and decided to take his flicks onto every obstacle he could find. This is one of the coolest 100 Kickflip Challenges we have done and David’s C1RCA model held up real good considering the beating he put on them.

100 Kickflips In The Adidas Superstar Shoes

From RUN DMC to Elissa Steamer, tons of legends have worn the Superstar on and off the board. It's classic style is only matched by it's unsurprising durability. Watch our homie, and Portland local, Andrew Nguyen flick his way through the 100 Kickflip Challenge in a classic pair of white and black shell toes.

100 Kickflips In The Diamond Icon Shoes By Boo Johnson

Our friends over at Diamond were able to give us a real treat this week! They made some calls and hooked us up with none other than Boo Johnson to put the Diamond Icon Shoes to the ultimate CCS wear test. Boo was a good sport and sweat out a few pounds for us to get to 100 at Beibel's park in North Hollywood.

100 360 Flips IN A ROW In The éS Accel Slim By Kelly Hart

If we didn’t pick the right man for the job on this one! Kelly Hart is not only the team manager at éS Footwear, but he is also an amazing pro skateboarder. Kelly, among lots of other things, is known for his impeccable flat ground game, so who better to test his colorway of the Accel Slim than himself!

100 Kickflips (Fakie Edition) In The Globe CT-IV Shoes

We headed to Northern California to link up with Santa Cruz Skateboards legend and current Krux Trucks brand manager, Ron Whaley. Since Ron is a large (both physically and figuratively speaking) part of skateboarding from the puffy shoes era, we threw him in a pair of Globe CT-IV Shoes!

100 Kickflips In The Vans Kyle Walker Pro Shoes

When one of our favorite skaters (and a damn good kickflipper) drops a shoe, you better believe we’re going to put it to the test. We grabbed one of the heaviest shredders in the CCS warehouse, Noah Staller, and stuck him in a pair of Vans Kyle Walker Pros to see how they hold up. Noah has been known to flip in to grinds on his lunch break, so you know this wasn’t too hard for him.

100 Tricks In The Nike Janoski Slip-On Shoes

When we hit up our good friend and Santa Cruz Skateboards brand manager, Andrew Cannon to do 100 kickflips for us, he was happy to help us out. Sadly for him, we know how good at flat ground skating he is, so we needed to step the challenge up. We decided to do a super wear test with the Janoski Slip, one of Andrew’s favorite shoes and make Andrew do 100 different tricks in them!

100 Kickflips In The Diamond Torey Shoes

When Diamond came out swinging by giving their first pro model shoe to Torey Pudwill, we also knew these puppies better hold up to some serious shredding. If they’re good enough for Torey, they should hold up just fine in our 100 Kickflip Challenge, right?

100 Kickflips In The HUF Boyd Shoes

We decided that HUF’s new shoe, The Boyd, looked like it would be fun to take out for a roll in the hay. So we grabbed a watermelon, a pair of Boyd’s, and our camera and cruised to a lovely park to see the sunset. In the process, we ran in to Price and made his ass do 100 kickflips in them.

100 Kickflips (Switch Flip Edition) In The State Salem Shoes

We’re always excited to bring in a new brand to CCS and new shoe brands are few and far between. So when we got our first shipment of State Shoes in we were pretty pumped. We knew the first thing we needed to do was to plug them in to the ultimate challenge.

100 Kickflips In The New Balance PJ Stratford 533 Shoes

We plugged Kevin in to a pair of the New Balance PJ Ladd Stratford 533’s to see how they felt on the feet and how they held up to the flicks.

Ryan Lay's Welcome Wear Test

We hit the streets with CCS team rider Ryan Lay and some of his friends to test out his newest board from Welcome. Ryan’s new board is called Inferno and it comes on his Stonecipher shape that his last board was on. Pick up Ryan’s board today at CCS!

100 Kickflips In The DC Wes Kremer 2 Shoes

When we told our homie Adam Arunksi that we were going to be in his hood and that we needed some kickflips done, he stepped up to the challenge. Adam is no stranger to the kickflip so he decided to step it up a few notches. Since we wanted him to put the DC Wes Kremer 2’s to the test, and that’s his everyday shoe, he felt comfortable enough to make the challenge a little harder for himself.

100 Kickflips (360 Flip Edition) In The Vans X Nintendo Authentics

Mario holds a special place in our hearts. So does Cameron Harper. We decided to strap up Cameron, Team Rider Preston Harper's older brother, in some Vans X Nintendo Authentics to see how these shoes from another world would hold up to 100 360 Flips.

100 Kickflips (Heelflip Edition) In The Adidas Suciu ADV Shoes

This time, we decided to call in an old friend who happens to be an expert in the intricacies of heel flippage… Cairo Foster, came through sporting the Adidas Mark Suciu ADV’s and effortlessly powered his way through 100 heelflips in the hot Portland sun.

100 Kickflips In The Converse One Star Shoes

It seems like it’s been too long since we made our brand manager, Matt Price handle one of these challenges. We noticed he’s been a little lazy lately so we thought, why not put him in a fresh pair of Converse Cons One Stars to get the old heart rate up?

CCS Pants Wear Test

We asked Dustin Brown to try out a pair of CCS Chinos and let us know what he thought. Dustin’s not much of a talker, but the skating should speak for it self.

100 Switch Flips In The Vans Slip-On Pros

We headed down to Southern California with CCS team rider Preston Harper to put lots of products to the test including some Vans Slip On Pro’s!

100 Kickflips In The Hyperfeel Koston 3's

We decided to throw resident Koston look-alike, Mike Shields into a pair of Nike SB Koston 3's to give 'em a CHOMPIN'!

100 Switch Flips In The Converse CTAS Pros

Alan is a shop homie. We swooped him up from the airport to see what Alan’s ferocious flick does to the Converse CTAS Pros.

100 Kickflips In The Emerica Hsu G6

Whenever a pro like Jerry Hsu puts his name on a shoe, they damn well better be good for kickflipping.

100 Kickflips In The Lakai Vincent 2

We tested a pair of the Lakai Vincent Alvarez 2’s and wanted to change up the trick and terrain a bit.

100 Kickflips In The Vans AV RapidWelds

Anthony Van Engelen went and ditched the stitches for his newest pro model shoe from Vans.

100 Kickflips In The HUF Dylan Slip On Shoes

Matt Price handled a very sweaty century of kickflips in the HUF Dylans and lived to annoy us all.

100 Kickflips In The Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel

We grabbed CCS Graphic Designer Matt Obrero to break in the new Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel Shoes with 100 of his finest kickflips.

100 Switch Heel Flips In The Etnies Marana Vulcs

We decided to try a new trick with the Marana Vulc and naturally, we had CCS and Etnies team rider Ryan Lay put them to the test.

100 Kickflips (Nollie Flip Edition) In The Adidas Matchcourt Shoes

Warehouse employee/resident shredder Mike Shields breaks in the Adidas Matchcourts with 100 nollie flips.

The Break In: Nike SB Janoski Shoes

We decided to break in a classic, just to make sure we can still call it a classic. Spoiler alert: This shoe is still rad.

100 Kickflips in the HUF Brad Cromer Shoes

We took some of your comments from our last 100 Kickflip Challenge and decided to put the new Brad Cromer Shoes by HUF to the ultimate test.

Nike SB Ishod Dunk Wair Test

Our friends over at Nike SB invited us to their private warehouse to test out their new skate-friendly Dunks that were designed with Ishod Wair.

Emerica X Indy Reynolds Low Wear Test

We strapped a pair of the Emerica X Indy Reynolds collab shoes on our friend Dustin and sent him in!

100 Kickflips in Adidas Adi Ease Shoes

The video that started it all! Watch Kevin take it to a pair of Adidas Adi Ease Shoes.

Nike SB GTS Wear Test with Antonio Durao

We hit up Nike rider Antonio Durao to put these GTS shoes to the test.

Jaws Jumps Off Roof With No Shoes

This guy is nuts! Watch Jaws jump off his roof with nothing but Footprint Insoles strapped to his feet.

Nike SB All Court CK Wear Test

The Nike SB All Court CK seems to be a perfect fit for modern shredding. We put them to the test on the court and in the park with some of our employees and they passed with flying colors.

Death Lens Wear Test

We decided to strap up the Death Lens and hit the park with our friend and Zero flow rider Adam Arunski to see if it really made things look bigger and how close we could actually get.