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CCS rider Chandler Burton has got heat. 

Coming straight off several videos on Thrasher for his Bottom Feeder brand, to a 2-page print ad for Venture Trucks, to a profile in the recent iDabble video magazine, to a line in Shake Junt's Shrimp Blunt video, then over to his tricks in the Elliot Balls video... Chandler's presence just keeps gaining momentum.

On the occasion of his full part in There's Ruining Skateboarding video, we took some time to chat with Chandler about the important things in life like Bay Area skate spots, burrito choices, and, of course, the Dolphin.

Chandler Burton TherePhotos by Matt Price

CCS: Congrats on the your latest part in There’s Ruining Skateboarding video. How were you feeling at the premieres when your part comes on?

Chandler: At the first premier, I cried when Myles' (de Courcy) part came on. That’s basically my little sister and seeing how far she’s come from giving up on skateboarding and me being able to somehow get her out of that rut is insane in itself. Just to see her shine like the star I always knew she was. I just lost it and I was emotionally exhausted after the tour and had no voice. So, yeah, it was fun. Hahahaha.

Do you like watching your own skating on video?

I actually do… and it’s taken a long time for me to get to the place where I’m stoked on what I’m doing.  I will say this… I’m going way harder and I’m not slowing down anytime soon.

How long were you filming for this video?

Some of the clips are from about 2 years ago but I booted some old clips from the part and worked super hard the past 5 months or so to get clips that I felt represented my skating better for the part.

Chandler Burton skate

I'm afraid we gotta talk about Dolphin Flips. That one has become a signature trick for you. Was it a plan to make this trick your own? Do you just like throwing it down? Do people expect it from you now?

Honestly, I learned it as a joke and I started kinda ironically doing them down stuff, BUT now I actually like them. I’ve seen people like Hyun Kummer (aka versace_plug) do them and do them fakie and shit so I get hyped that I’m not the only one doing them… at least doing them in a way looks good… wink wink. Heehee.

So what’s the secret to making a Dolphin Flip look decent?

Just flick as hard forward and bring those knees up to your chest… it literally smacks the bottom of your feet when you catch it. It catches a lot like a hard flip.

Are you sick of people asking about the Dolphin?

Hahahahhah!! No. It’s my favorite trick now and it’s a fun one to do for me too. I don’t mind people asking about it though. I’m honored.

There was a lot of Bay Area footage in this part. Do you have a favorite skate spot in the Bay? For filming or for just skating?

I love the Bay Area’s spots. There’s a lot more things I can just adventure around and find. It also has a really cute queer skate community. I feel at home in. So yeah I jus like the Bay and skating in the Bay.

How scary is that Oakland Courthouse out ledge?

It was high but I kinda felt comfortable skating it and I kinda wanna try something else on it soon.

Front 50 to Back 180 - Oakland Courthouse

You're definitely known for tricks down gaps, impressive wallies, and ledge tricks, but you also got that one handrail 50-50 with the perpendicular approach in there as well as that tech backside nosegrind revert on that SF ledge-rail thing. Are we gonna be seeing more handrail Chandler in the future?

Yes!!!! I’m excited to skate some more rails and experiment with more spots.

Getting tech in Downtown SF

How about there being only 1 switch trick and 1 nollie trick in the part? How do you feel about opposite footed skating? Do you feel it’s necessary to work on those skills as a sponsored skater or is it just inspiration striking at the spot?

I don’t focus on any of that stuff really. Hahahah... I just skate. But recently I’ve learned a lot more switch tricks so you’ll probably see more and more of those.

Let’s talk footwear choices… what style of Vans are you rocking and why?

Recently I’ve been rocking a lot of the Rowans, Sk8-Hi’s, Crocketts. I’m excited to hopefully do a color way eventually of one of these.

What burrito are you ordering and from where?

Breakfast burrito from Cafe Dulce… it’s crack.

What's an interesting, if mundane, thing about you that not many people would know?

I'm gay. Hahaha, just kidding.
Uhhhmm… I collect Monster T-shirts.

Like, Monster energy drink shirts?

Yeah. A lot of collab stuff, too.

Monster Dolphin.

Any good stories that involve psychedelics?

Oh my gosh!! I’ve been sober for like 9 years BUT I was on mushrooms when I was like 17 and I ran into a pole and sliced my eyebrow open and I have a cool scar now in my eyebrow.

We have you modeling the new CCS apparel a bunch. If you could have us make one garment or accessory, what would it be?

Custom CCS backpack and custom pants... Cargo pants.

What’s next for you?

Working on another part for There Skateboards. And more Bottom Feeder videos and having lots of fun on the way!!!

Chandler Burton skateboarder

Huge thanks to Chandler for doing the interview and making CCS apaprel look so good. Shout out to There Skateboards for their awesome video.

Make sure to follow Chandler on IG: @big_nakie.
You can also check out all his favorite products on their CCS Team Member page.

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