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Skateboard Bushings

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Skateboard bushings (a.k.a. “cushions” in roller skating) are key in building a sturdy, custom skateboard setup. These little urethane pieces are the rings that fit around the kingpin on your trucks, allowing the board to properly pivot and turn. Are you looking for a rock-solid ride that won’t wobble at high speeds or are you a fan of a squirrely set-up that turns quick and responds to the slightest changes in body pressure? CCS has everything you need to customize or upgrade to all-new bushings.

Bushings generally come in three distinct shapes: cone, barrel, and wedge. Cone/barrel bushings are considered the standard, conventional skateboard bushing and are the most common type on the market. These bushings feature a barrel-shaped bottom bushing and a cone-shaped top for the ideal blend of deck lean and security. Cone skateboard bushings feature two conical bushings, which allow for a higher amount of deck lean. That means that these bushings are ideal for handling sharp turns and carving with ease. Wedge bushings are less common than both other types, but are great for those looking for maximum rebound. If you'd like to learn more about skateboard bushings, check our Bushings Buyer's Guide.

And, of course, skate bushings come in a variety of hardnesses (denoted by the same durometer labeling as skate wheels) so you can customize the way your skateboard rides beyond the standard adjustments created from tightening the kingpin nut. Here at CCS, we’ve got bushings for specific truck brands as well as universal styles that work on various trucks, depending on the size. Skateboard brands like Shorty’s, Bones, and Independent make some of the best bushings out there. So get to know your setup and make it your own.