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Longboard Wheels

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Urethane Wheels for Longboarding

We love the smell of urethane in the morning — it smells like a great ride. CCS has a huge selection of urethane longboard wheels to get superior riding performance out of your board. Wheels are one of the most important parts of a longboard setup, as they can drastically affect how the board rides and handles. Whether you prefer to fly down a hill at warp speed or cruise through city streets, we have a set of urethane wheels that are right for the task. Our wheels come from top longboarding brands such as Sector 9, Blood Orange, Orangatang, and Hawgs that will have riders drooling with anticipation (just don’t drool on the wheels, please).

Important Factors for Longboard Wheel Selection

Different longboard designs, riding styles and terrains require different types of longboard wheels, and you can find exactly what you need at CCS. The main factors are wheel size, shape, hub set and durometer. Most riders choose wheel sizes in the 65mm to 75mm range as they provide the best all-around combination of speed, acceleration and grip. But if you’re a specialist, we have versatile wheels as small as if you want something you can roll around town and the park with as well as large 80mm longboarding wheels for straight downhill riders.

Selecting the shape of your wheel depends on whether you want grip or slide-ability. Hug the turns with a square edge longboard wheel, or initiate slides easily with rounded wheels or choose tapered wheels for a satisfying middle ground. Add additional turning power using offset and side set wheel cores, or go with center set wheels for better weight distribution and longevity. When it comes to wheel durometer, we have 75a and softer wheels for rough hills up to 101a wheels for street riding.

Quality Longboard Wheels with Cool Designs

With so many wheels for longboarding in stock that use the latest technology, beginners and pros are sure to find something that will perform and last just like them. Have we mentioned that these are incredibility stylish wheels as well? We stock all sorts of wheel colors and sweet graphics to complement your board. Order by 3 p.m. EST and get fast same-day shipping anywhere in the U.S.!