CCS Corduroy Long Sleeve - Available in 4 Colors - Only $54.95


CCS first started sponsoring skateboarders way back in the mid-1980s when we were still California Cheap Skates. What started as a crew of local shredders evolved into a team of skateboarding’s heaviest professionals representing the top brands of the day. That legacy of legends continues today with CCS’ current roster of rippers. With a focus on fun, progression, and a diversity of styles and personalities, the current CCS Skate Team not only represents the death-defying stunt skaters that push the boundaries of what’s possible, but also skateboarders who are pushing the spectrum of representation within the industry. From former Skaters of the Year to some of the most groundbreaking women in the industry, to the young guns in the bowls, to some of the most fluid styles we’ve ever encountered; The CCS Team represents all that we love about riding a skateboard. Check out the diverse range of products that the CCS team rides and represents. Make sure to check them all out on their social media accounts and don’t hesitate to reach out and let them know you're a fan. Is there a professional skater you think would be a perfect CCS Pro? Hit us up on Instagram (@ccs) and let us know who and why.