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Shop skateboards from one of the largest selections online with free shipping available. You can even configure and customize your own skateboard! Since 1985 we've provided millions of customers worldwide with the most popular skate decks, wheels, trucks, griptape, and accessories. From affordable options for beginners to the newest shapes and graphics from your favorite skateboarding brands, CCS has got it all. We can even print your own artwork onto a customizable skateboard!

There are a lot of options for each component of a skateboard setup, and CCS makes it easy to customize your complete with popular product combinations or use our web tools to select each part for the perfect ride. And if you get overwhelmed by all the options, we’ve got helpful skateboard buyer’s guides to help you through the nitty gritty:

Skateboards, in one form or another, have been around since the late 1950’s when the first brave pioneer first attached roller skate base plates to a piece of wood. As skateboarding progressed to mimic surfing, the skateboard evolved with the style of riding. Skateboards grew and changed shapes as riders experimented with everything from plastic to fiberglass to aluminum constructions - all in an effort to push what was possible. Like most sports or art forms, progression is at the heart of skateboard innovation.

When looking at skateboarding’s history, the only thing that’s stayed the same is the overall structure: every board consists of four skateboard wheels, two skateboard trucks, and a skate board riding surface of some kind. And while we’ve come a long way from the days of metal and clay wheels (they’re urethane now), some aspects of skateboarding - like the brands manufacturing some of the most trusted products - haven’t changed at all. Independent Trucks has been on the grind since 1978. Powell Peralta, the company responsible for Powell Peralta Skateboards, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, and the invention of promotional skateboard videos also started in 1978. NHS, the company that produces Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Bronson Speed Bearings, Krux Trucks, Creature Skateboards, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, and OJ Wheels started in 1973. It’s no wonder these brands are still doing so well - they’ve been with skateboarding since the beginning. Since the day skateboarding went from something surfers did when the waves were flat to its own sport that involves technique, practice, and careful consideration, a small handful companies have been there to help skateboarding become what it is today.

In the early 1990s, the rise of smaller skater-owned board brands diversified not only the product offerings, but pushed the boundaries of artistic marketing and graphics. Integral brands like Blind, Anti-Hero, Toy Machine, Girl, Chocolate, Zero, Birdhouse, and Alien Workshop all started as smaller, skater-owned alternatives. And the cycle of innovation and creativity has continued as skaters create new brands to explore original creative directions and skate boards. Brands like Quasi, Polar, Frog, Alltimers, and Australia’s Pass~Port have all spawned in the past decade as alternatives to what was once created as an alternative. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Choosing a skateboard deck is a great place to start when building a complete skateboard. Unless you have experience riding a shaped board we recommend you start with a popsicle shape. CCS carries over 70 different skateboard deck brands that sell this popular popsicle shape. If you have questions on what size you should ride or have any other questions about building a complete, we recommend you check out our Skateboard Buyer’s Guide. Here, you’ll find helpful how-to’s for choosing skateboard decks, skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels, skateboard bearings, and skateboard components. This guide explains every part of a skateboard and helps you choose which sizes and styles to best suit your needs.

From cheap skateboards to high-end, custom complete setups, CCS has boards for riders of every skill level and tax bracket. If you are looking for a new ride on a tight budget, consider a CCS Brand Skateboard - they cost less, but are manufactured in the same factories as other brands we carry. CCS Skateboards are held to the same standards as every skateboard we sell, but we can sell them for less.

Here at CCS, you’ll find everything you need to build a complete skateboard. You can select any deck from Almost to Zero and make it a complete. Selecting a complete piece by piece will take a little time, but the effort is well worth it! Once you're done, you'll have a board that's completely unique to you and your tastes.