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Creature Skateboards was originally created in 1993 by visionary Russ Pope and NHS artist Johnny Mojo. The idea of the brand was simple, with an image steeped in horror films and racy imagery, they presented themselves as the "Darker side of skateboarding." The original incarnation of Creature lasted until roughly 1999 when the team and infrastructure disbanded and the brand was extinguished. Fast forward to 2005 when then Santa Cruz art director Lee Charron and original Creature team rider Darren Navarrette made a plan to resurrect the brand. The original ideals of the brand remained the same and Creature offered the skateboard industry a much-needed dose of dark ideas and imagery. Original team riders Al Partanen and Sam Hitz also came along for the ride, rounding out what would be known as the "Hesh Crew." Today Creature has progressed into one of the largest skateboarding brands in the world.

Balancing the veterans on the team, Creature added pros David Gravette, Taylor Bingaman, Stu Graham, and a cast of younger fiends that have continued to push the ideals of Creature forward. Working with some of the most cutting-edge artists, both visually and musically, Creature has constantly redefined itself as a taste maker for true skateboard enthusiasts. In most cases when Creature has been asked to define itself, Creature tells a story of a group of cavemen that were frozen in ice and later thawed out to create a horde of skateboard maniacs that leave a trail of their signature black and neon green in their wake. Well, most of that is true... minus the caveman part. After surpassing Creature’s original stint, the brand is stronger than ever, with four full-length videos under its belt, and a strong base of adamant fans, there’s no sign of Creature slowing down.

If you watched classic creature features as a kid — or if you still do — then Creature Skateboards is your kind of company. The company was founded in 1993 to produce boards and clothing that embraced the “darker” side of skateboarding. At, you can embrace your inner beast with a huge assortment of Creature skateboard decks, apparel, tools, and accessories that are just waiting to be unleashed.

Creature Skateboards clothing and gear continue to embrace their original concept that’s heavily influenced by horror films, bawdy imagery, and a general ne’er-do-well outlook. But unlike the B-movies that inspired it, these creatures are A-grade in every way. A Creature skateboard complete or deck is a sight to behold. They are one of the few companies authorized to produce P2 skateboard decks, which have an aramid fiber insert that is 100 times stronger than traditional wood decks. You can get a maple skateboard deck too if you want to go old-school. Each series of boards is steeped in their recognizable black and green colors, whether you’re up for bad habits, psych wards, or a power jock party.

You need the right clothes to go full Creature, and CCS Skateboards has those as well. Creature skateboard apparel such as T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and tank tops are great for the skate park or just chillin’. Fiends of the world will unite with so many ways to showcase the dark life — Creature beanies, backpacks, socks, mugs, skate tools, you name it! This version of Creature shows the sequel sometimes is better, as they are going stronger than ever with cool products and bangin’ video parts. Stock up with our free shipping on orders over $50 and submit your soul to the power of the Creature!