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Skateboard Helmets

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Skateboard Helmets are crucial not just to your safety, but to your confidence as you learn to skate. Sure, they protect your brain from serious injury, and it’s great that they come in a huge variety of colors, designs, and pro endorsements, but the real key to unlocking the next level in skateboarding is the knowledge that when the going gets tough, your head is gonna be just fine.

Many skateparks require protective skate helmets to utilize the facilities. Besides that, you’d be a fool to step into a serious deep-end drop-in without at the very least a safe skate helmet. While all injuries are a bummer, you need to protect your noggin above all else. The good news is that thanks to influential skaters like Mark Gonzales, Mike Valleley, and Andy Anderson, wearing a helmet no longer carries any stigma in the skateboarding world.

CCS carries all the latest helmets from the most trusted brands like Pro-Tec, Triple 8, and 187. From youth sizes to old-school ear-covering styles, bright colors and printed patterns, or classic black or white, sweat-saving technology, and beyond, today’s protective helmets are more comfortable and stylish than ever. And don’t forget to customize your new skateboard helmet with skate stickers from your all favorite brands.