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Want to buy a skateboard but feeling a bit intimidated? Your first time viewing all the skateboards for sale online or at a skate shop can be a little daunting, but like most things in life, once you break it into parts it’s pretty simple. A complete skateboard includes a skateboard deck, grip tape, wheels, bearings, trucks, and the necessary hardware to attach the trucks to the board… And maybe some stickers to decorate it.

If you are new to skating and are looking to build a custom skateboard complete, the best place to start is with the wooden deck. While not all boards are created equal, groms will do well on just about any brand of skateboard offered at CCS. So, your focus should primarily be on finding the right deck width, board graphic, and brand that resonates with you or the rider. Once you have your deck selected, you can easily, “Make It Complete” with the push of a button, and we will give you a few standardized set-up options in several price ranges. You can switch up components from there to make it just right. We can even grip your deck and build your entire setup at no extra charge.

If you are looking to buy a pre-built skateboard for yourself or someone else, CCS has lots of options that are ready to ride. This can be a fast, hassle-free, and oftentimes most affordable way to get started quickly. Because we work directly with the component manufacturers, the most cost-effective skateboard complete for sale is our very own CCS Completes (available in lots of sizes and graphic choices).

Check out our Skateboard Decks Section in our Buyer’s Guide to help you make an informed decision on what gear to invest in. Nearly every component is standardized between brands, so you can always upgrade and swap out parts later on.

Skateboarding is all about creativity and finding new challenges. A great way to explore skateboarding is to ride different shaped boards, wider trucks, and different size or hardness of wheels. As you progress and start to ride new terrain and skate different spots, you may find one wheel size or board shape works better for you than another. There’s no wrong or right way to skate. There are no rules. Except for maybe one: keep skating. Skate as often as you can. Never is this truer than in the beginning while you’re developing your style and fundamentals. And, oh yeah, have fun!