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Make a statement with a fresh skateboard belt from CCS. Today, it’s tough to find anything other than standard, stuffy leather belts that look much more like office attire than a sleek skating accessory. But at CCS, we offer a wide selection of skater belts that fit right in with your laid-back look.

These belts pack a bigger style punch with fun colors, creative prints and bold buckles. Many feature a soft fabric that serves to keep your shorts in place without constricting your waist while you pull off cool tricks and jumps. Others have a rustic leather look that’s less formal than traditional belts but serves as a perfect transition between the skate park and school or work. These belts have been carefully curated to build a collection of cool accessories that’s tailored to the skateboarding lifestyle.

Not sure which belt is right for you? You can start by searching according to color, size or price, but we recommend searching by brand first to get a look you love. As a skateboarder, you probably already have your go-to brands that you rely on for all kinds of gear, whether it’s Volcom, Vans, Arcade, HUF, or Nixon, to name a few. So why not check out the belts from your favorite names in the game to see what they have to offer? Whether it’s a classic all-black belt with a metal buckle or a modern shoelace belt, you’ll be able to rep your top brands when you sport a stylish skateboard belt from CCS.

One of our goals is to make sure our products meet the style and lifestyle needs of real skateboarders around the world. These belts have been selected as featured accessories due not only to the trendy designs, but also for their versatility and comfort while skating. Pop on any of these skate belts to get a boost of style and mobility while also keep your shorts or pants comfortably in place while you skate.