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For twenty-five years, 686 Technical Apparel has been building purposeful products for the pursuit of adventure. From humble beginnings as a start-up in Los Angeles to fill a need for fashionable snowboard products to the current offering of GLCR and 686 collections, 686 has always designed classics with their own twist.

Over the past decade 686 has introduced unique features, technologies and products like their SMARTY 3-in-1 removable integrated layering system, the toolbelt featuring three wrenches, two screwdrivers and a bottle opener all integrated into the buckle and their exclusive Thermagraph™ body mapped insulation system.

The 686 collection also includes their GLCR line of highly technical backcountry inspired outerwear for snowboarding, skiing, and touring. Each GLCR piece is intelligently designed with some of the world’s top mountaineers for optimum performance in and out of the snow. GLCR advocates include Freeride World Champion Sammy Luebke, professional skier Parker White, professional snowboarder Matt Belzile, mountaineer Frankie Devlin and a slew of other athletes and adventure seekers. The 686 collection is also highly influenced by the progressive designs from the creative mind of professional snowboarder Forest Bailey.