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Falling sucks. So does broken skateboards. You’ll have fewer of both when you add a set of skateboard risers to your setup. Also known as skateboard shock pads, these plastic inserts are placed between the deck and the truck to increase the board’s riding height. By getting it up off the ground, you’ll reduce wheel bite during turns that can cause spills. They also absorb some of the impact from landings, reducing stress on the deck and prolonging its lifespan. We stock a variety of risers for skateboard fanatics who want to land more tricks and ride rough pavement without ending up on the ground.

CCS has skateboard riser pads from Mini Logo, Diamond Supply Co., Luxe and other leading brands. Several colors and sizes are available as well. Only need a tiny bump in height? Get some 1/8-inch shock pads. Constantly struggling with bite and poor handling? Maybe a set of 1/2-inch risers are what you need. We have angled skateboard risers that can be adjusted to the right amount of turn, along with soft skate risers that absorb more impact for a smoother ride. These accessories install in minutes, which is well worth having. You’ll be "shocked" at how much better the ride is.

Risers are especially useful on longboards and other skateboards that have larger wheels, as wheel bite is more common on these setups. They’re one of the least expensive skate accessories you can buy, and once you get used to riding at a new height, it’ll be easy to see why risin’ up is where it’s at. You will need larger hardware to account for the height difference, so head over to our hardware section to get the nuts, bolts and rails. CCS has guaranteed fast shipping and the knowledge of more than 30 years in the skating industry to assist you with finding the right skate riser pads.