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Nike SB (the skateboarding division of Nike) is perhaps the most dominant and respected shoe brand in the skate industry today. With some of the most popular professionals on its team roster and the best-selling shoe styles available, the Nike Swoosh is as common in the skatepark as it is on the basketball court. Their success is no secret; a mix of heritage sports silhouettes, unmatched footwear technology, constant eye-catching colorways, and memorable collaborations with brands and celebrities in and out of the skate scene. Nike SB skate shoes are worn to be seen in, be it on a skateboard or not.

But it hasn’t always been the influential, trendsetting brand it is presently. Nike’s initial experience entering the skate market in the late 90s played a major role in how it established the now-dominant Nike SB brand in 2002. The formula is simple: recruit some of the best up-and-coming skaters, like a young Paul Rodriguez, and outfit them in retooled versions of the popular basketball silhouettes that are already popular with skateboarders. To this end, the Nike Dunk basketball sneaker got a padded tongue, collar, a Zoom Air insole, and history was made. While the shoe was slow to catch on, it’s become one of Nike SB’s most popular styles thanks to a forgiving design that looks good in just about every colorway combination, an adoption by some very influential celebrities, and a slew of successful collaborations.

And Nike SB’s footwear is just the foundation of what they offer. With regular drops of athletic-inspired apparel, consistent heavy video releases, constant professional tours, and local community efforts like skatepark sponsorships, event donations, and even covering the insurance costs to resurrect the famous Santa Monica Courthouse street spot in L.A., the skate community has grown to embrace everything Nike does.

Whether you are a lifetime fan of the Swoosh, are looking for the latest in skate shoe technology to help you skate your best, or are wanting to support the brand that supports your favorite skaters (like Mason Silva, Guy Mariano, Leticia Bufoni, and Leo Baker, to name just a few), check what’s new from Nike SB. But don’t wait too long, a lot of these Nike products and colorways are limited in release and wide in popularity.