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What makes for great skate clothes? Is it the perfect bagginess of your skate pants? The pop of color on the graphic of your shirt? The ideal tilt of your hat? Your personal preferences for skateboard clothing are as unique as your bag of tricks and the choices are nearly limitless. But one thing is universal when it comes to skate wear; you’re going to want to be comfortable.

And we are not just talking about the right fit for optimal movement (although that is also important). The skate apparel you rock should be a confident statement about who you are and what you’re about. When you look your best and you feel your best you are going to skate your best. And CCS is here with the best so you can love your fit on and off the board.

Whether you enjoy the austere look of a plain heavyweight tee or want to make a scene in some leopard print pants, CCS has tons of stylish options with the affordability that comes with selling direct to the consumer. Shorts for those summer days, hoodies for those winter sessions, and everything in between.

We also carry all the best skater clothing from your favorite brands, big and small. From the trendsetting Polar Pants to the latest pop culture collaborations from The Hundreds and Primitive, to skatepark staples like Santa Cruz, Spitfire, and, of course, Thrasher. From brands that have been popular for decades like Powell-Peralta, Toy Machine, and Girl to trending upstarts like Quasi, WKND, and Televisi Star.

CCS is here to get you outfitted from your head to your feet. And if you don’t find something with just the right colors or graphic placement, you can design your own shirts and hoodies with brands like HUF, Enjoi, and a huge roster of artists with Customs X by CCS. Check it out.