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CCS Portland Shop


5909 NE 80th Avenue
Portland, OR 97218


Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm PT
Saturday 11am-7pm PT
Sunday 11am-6pm PT

CCS Portland Skate Shop

Portland's skate shop for all things skateboards, skate-inspired shoes and clothing, longboards, and snowboards.

CCS's Portland store is located at 5909 NE 80th Avenue at Columbia Blvd.

We offer the largest selection of skateboards, longboards, and skate-inspired shoes and clothing in Portland. We carry over 400 brands and since the shop is in the same building as our main warehouse, you have access to literally 10,000s of products.

Whether you're looking to buy your first or fiftieth skateboard, we can help you out. We have the widest selection (by far) of skateboard gear in Portland. More importantly, we love helping people pick out and set up their gear. We especially have a soft spot for helping people get set up with their first boards. If you're new to skateboarding and we're not too busy when you happen to drop by, we'll EVEN teach you how to set up your board... or you can just kick back while we quickly take care of it for you.

We are authorized dealers for brands such as Nike SBAdidasVansConverse, PolarWelcomeBakerElementHUFNixon, and Obey. We also get all kinds of limited-edition products from our vendors so check in frequently to see what's new.

Huge Shoe Selection 

 Largest Board Wall in Portland

Tons of Wheels, Trucks, & other Skate Accessories


Walls of Apparel & Accessories

Snowboard Services 

Standard Snowboard Mounting or Remounting -  Free Even if you don't purchase your gear at CCS, we'll be happy to mount up or remount your bindings for free. Just be prepared for us to weep uncontrollably when we find out that you went somewhere else for your gear.
Binding Adjustment & Testing -  Free As with our mounting services, adjustments and testing cost you nada, zilch, zero. It doesn't matter if you purchased your gear from one of our enemies… I mean, friendly competitors.
Tune & Wax - $40.00
Tune Only - $25.00
Wax Only -  $25.00
Sharpen the edges, de-tune, and hot wax by hand
Repair Services 
$20.00+ (determined on a case by case basis)
Includes repairing edge damage, top sheet delamination, and base gouges and scrapes (P-tex)
Hourly Services -  $50.00/hr Anything not covered above (well, not anything, but anything snow related that we can handle) is charged on an hourly basis
Shipping -  $13.00 (Oregon and Washington only) While we can often get your board taken care of while you wait, it may take a day or two to finish up your order. If you don't have TIME to come back to the shop, we can ship your gear back to you. Time in transit is one day.


If you're spending a good part of the season on Mt. Hood, it may be worth knowing that we're located right off Interstates 84 and 205 which may be on your way to or from the mountain. You're always welcome to drop off your gear for maintenance on your way back to and/or from the mountain and grab it on your way back up.