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One of the most storied franchises in skateboarding is also one of the most recognizable skate brands in any context. The seeds of the Element were planted in East Coast skating way back in 1992 when they launched as Underworld Element in Atlanta, GA. Since then they have grown in size and strength into a beloved global skate and streetwear brands.

Few companies have been able to successfully walk the line between mainstream acceptance and core skate popularity. Element has done this by nurturing new skate talent (they were the first sponsor of legends Stevie Williams, Nyjah Huston, Evan Smith, and Mason Silva), supporting some all-time greats like Bam Margera, Jeremy Wray, Mike Vallely, Natas, and Chad Muska to name a few, and by simply making great looking skateboard decks and apparel. Today's Element is just a exciting as the mythic eras of old and their products are always in demand. They keep everybody hyped with constant collaborations with a diverse set of influential icons like Bad Brains, Keith Harring, Star Wars, and National Geographic as well as working with the hottest contemporary artists and designers. Whether you a skate historian or just a fan of their famous tree logo, Element has a bit of something for everyone.