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CCS has a huge selection of hoodie sweatshirts from all your favorite skateboarding and streetwear brands. You can even customize the graphics on your hoodie with a Customs X collaboration with some of the biggest companies and artists in the biz, only at CCS!

When hot, sunny days give way to crisp fall afternoons and evenings, nothing is finer than the comfort and luxury of a trusty pullover hooded sweatshirt. As skate sweatshirts go, the hoodie has always been a favorite. The warmth, style, and added protection skate hoodies provide make it the go-to garment for every skater when the temperature starts to drop. Skateboarding hoodies, like skate t-shirts, are mostly differentiated in graphics and colors, so check out our huge seasonal selection from popular brands like Santa Cruz, Spitfire, Nike SB, Thrasher, Polar, and dozens more.