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Skate t-shirts have always been a driving force in the industry. Like graphics on skateboards, t-shirts are an avenue for companies to tell their story. More importantly, a shirt graphic is a way for you to tell your own story and define your style. Be it a plain tee, classic stripes, subtle branding from a big brand, or a wild graphic from a scrappy upstart, the skater’s shirt has been an important part of skateboarding for many decades.

Trying to imagine a skateboard shop without skateboarding t-shirts is like imagining a coffee shop not serving pastries - it’s just a missed opportunity. Supporting the companies they love and respect is very much part of skateboarding. For this reason, shirts, hoodies, jackets, and hats are an easy way to show which companies a skateboarder backs. And since graphics and logos on apparel are more visible (and less likely to be worn away) than a board graphic, one could say that skate clothing is the most important way to support a brand you like.

On the other side of the spectrum of skate shirts and apparel is self-expression. Identity and style are huge in skateboarding, which is why skateboarding is known for trendsetting - skateboarders take a lot of chances with style. If you don’t care about brand names, and are looking for cheap skate clothes that are also well made, CCS clothing is a great place to start.

So take a look at all the awesome skate shirts CCS has to offer. Or maybe try your hand at designing a shirt for your favorite brands (like HUF, Enjoi, Santa Cruz, and Converse) and artists with the customizable options of Customs X by CCS.