The CCS Tour Backpack - The Return of a Classic

Skateboard Griptape

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When it comes to skateboard grip tape, there are more choices than ever these days. From several popular brands of traditional solid black griptape to a huge variety of colors, patterns, logos, and die cuts. There are all kinds of top-quality graphic grip and even limited edition pop culture collaborations. There have never been more options to cover the top of your skate deck, and CCS has it ALL. We’ll even put it on for you at no extra cost.

So check out all the options. We’ve got Jessup griptape from the company that invented the product. We’ve got grip-specific brands like Shake Junt, MOB, Grizzly, and even newcomers like Pepper and Miles. We’ve even got price-point CCS grip (and FREE grip with your deck purchase). Or check out our option to have a top graphic printed right on your deck and then covered with clear grip tape.

And if any of our current graphic grip tape options don’t strike your fancy, CCS can print ANY image or artwork you give us onto Customized Grip Tape! The options are literally limitless. Just don’t ever call it "sandpaper."

Your new grip is gonna be lonely on its own, so don't forget to team up your skateboard grip tape with one of our many, many choices of skateboard decks.