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Choosing a skateboard deck can be approached in a few different ways: you can choose your board based on the graphic, the brand, the shape, the width, the construction, or even the color. Whether you are refreshing your set-up or looking to buy a complete skateboard, the considerations are the same. For most skateboarders, it’s a combination of all these factors (and subtle difference in 1/16th of an inch can make a huge difference for some, or not at all for others). If you’re new to skating, you may not know what shape, width, or brand you like best. In this case, choosing your favorite graphic would make total sense.

If you are completely new to skateboarding, consider taking a minute to read through the Skateboard Decks Section in our Buyer’s Guide. A quick rule of thumb to start you off is: the bigger your feet, the wider your skate board deck should be. If you wear a size 9 shoe or larger, you will probably want at least an 8” wide skate deck. CCS also has plenty of smaller skate decks for younger riders. Generally, narrow boards are easier to flip and wider skateboard decks are more stable, but there are no hard and fast rules to skateboarding. The only way to really find out what you like is by trying new shapes, sizes, and brands. Brands like Real, Baker, Chocolate, Polar, and Santa Cruz all have a wide variety of sizes, shapes, graphics, and pricepoint decks to choose from.

The most common shape in skateboarding is called a popsicle. It is nearly symmetrical, has kick on both the nose and tail, and features concave, which gives the board its shape. If you are looking to learn tricks like ollies, kickflips, grind, and slides, you should probably start with a popsicle shape.

If you’re not as interested in trick skating and want to check out some fun shapes, there are fortunately lots of 80s-style shapes, boards that are wider in the center called “eggs”, and fun and funky cruisers to choose from. Some brands with more shape options include Welcome, Madness, and UMA Landsleds. Or you check out all the options by clicking “Shaped” under the “Deck Shape” tab on the options menu on the left.

If you’re interested in knowing more, we explain selecting a board by width, riding style, and board shape in the skateboard decks section of the buyer’s guide.

And no skateboard deck is ridable without some grip, so once you're done picking out you new skate deck, don't forget to select the perfect skateboard grip tape to make it ready to ride.