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At its core, a longboard is simply a long skateboard with softer wheels. But there’s more to the story. Longboards divert from the traditional popsicle shape found on most conventional skateboards in order to give skaters a faster, swifter feel for cruising, downhill racing and freestyle longboarding. CCS is happy to provide an amazing assortment of quality-made longboards by Loaded, Globe, Sector 9, MadridRout and so much more. We know that not all longboards are best for all skating applications, so we strive to help our customers find styles that help them take their skating game to new levels.

Longboard decks come in a variety of different shapes, with the most traditional being the cruiser shape. These boards are considered medium in length and feature a kicktail for a little bit of fun. Drop-through longboards are also popular. These longboard decks feature cutouts that allow the baseplates of the trucks to be mounted through the deck. These boards provide extra stability at high speeds. You may also want to consider a double drop longboard, which is twice as low to the ground as a standard board. Not sure which one is best for you? You can always connect with us or stop into our Portland store for more info.

Why buy longboards from CCS? Besides the fact that we offer an awesome selection, we also strive to help our customers save money with free shipping deals and no sales tax. Not only that, but CCS has everything you need to build your own custom longboard configuration. Start here by picking out your ideal longboard deck and then customize it to your liking with longboard trucks and wheels by the same top brands. If you’re new to longboarding (or skateboarding in general) and want to try it out, we recommend starting with one of our longboard completes that comes with the deck, trucks, wheels and other parts.