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Skaters do a lot of sailing around at high speeds and sailing through the air. The last thing you want to see is your money, credit cards, or personal information go flying down a drain pipe or into a bush. After all, you’re going to need that money to buy a new deck sooner or later. Skate wallets from CCS are designed to take the abuse skateboarders endure while protecting what’s really important. Store your cash, ID cards, and store coupons worry-free no matter how hard you ride.

We have skateboard wallets in all styles from all the top skating and athletic brands. So whether you’re looking for a Nike tri-fold wallet or a Vans bi-fold wallet, you can find one here. Our leather wallets, polyester wallets, and cotton wallets are built tough and won’t cave to a couple bumps. No matter how simple or complex your life is, there’s a skate wallet to match. From simple card holders to wallets with RFID shielding that guards against identity theft, and everything in between, we are the definitive source of wallets made for skaters. (But non-skaters can use them too — we don’t judge.)

These low-profile wallets are available with a number of potential features for additional security, including zippered coin pockets, hook and loop closures, mesh ID windows, and chain wallets that hook to your belt. And we haven’t forgotten about your sense of style either. Traditional black wallets, multi-color wallets, checkerboard wallets, logo wallets — the choice is yours! Order a new wallet and then change your mind about it? We know it happens, which is why we have free returns on accessories. Protect your money without paying out a lot of money with our low prices and free shipping on orders over $60 that leaves you some extra cheese for more skate stuff.