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Skateboard Tools

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Whether you use your skateboard to land a tre flip or to get to work every morning, you can expect it to take a pounding. High speeds, hard landings, and bumpy roads can cause parts to loosen up or break altogether. Our multi-functional skateboard tools are a necessary purchase for any skater. By having all the tools on hand to perform basic maintenance or on-the-fly repairs, you can spend more time sessioning with your bros and less time watching.

In addition to our quality in-house skate tools, we have options from all the leading brands in stock such as Unit, Modus, Pig, and Independent Genuine Parts. Also known as skateboard keys, these space-saving all-in-one tools are the key to quickly adjusting and fixing your board. Each one includes tools such as an Allen head key, multiple socket ratchets, a slide-out Phillips head screwdriver, and griptape files. Alternative styles include the traditional T-shape tool, the carabiner skate tool that clips to a backpack, and the keychain skate tool that fits in your pocket. Adjusting trucks, axle nuts, and hardware will be so easy, a…well, you know what we mean.

CCS has skate tools in a variety of sizes and colors. With our great prices, you’re sure to find the best skate tool for your skate needs. And if you’re using tools that aren’t found on a typical skate key, pick up a utility tool roll for organizing and protecting them on the way to the park. Our free same-day shipping on orders over $60 guarantees you won’t be a tool — you’ll just be carrying ones that your friends will always want to borrow.