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Skateboard Pads

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Skateboard Pads not only protect your body from injury, but also help alleviate the worry of the possibility of injury. This can build confidence which will allow you to progress faster. You see, so much success in skateboarding involves having faith in your abilities, and this includes the ability to bail a trick or even fall with the assumption that you won’t likely get hurt. Having a good set of skate knee pads can give you that extra edge to "go for it." And with top professionals endorsing and sporting pads regularly, all stigma of a padded aesthetic is gone from the current skateboarding environment.

If you skateboard, you will fall. The most common minor injuries in skating are scrapes and bruises on the knees, elbows, and wrists. The good news is that you can easily escape much of the torment of hitting the concrete with a protective covering that gives you stability and, most importantly, protects your skin from getting scraped. Even better, modern protective skate pads are made light, flexible, and breathable, so they won’t hinder your movements. In fact, knee-sliding out of bailed tricks on ramps and bowls is the proper, safe way to escape an attempt so long as you have proper pads to protect yourself.

So whether you are looking to specifically protect your knees or elbows as you step up to the bigger obstacles, or you are a beginner looking to ensure you’ll be fresh and healthy to skate, again and again, you’ll want the protection of tested and certified brands like Pro-Tec, Triple Eight, or 187. Invest in a good set of skateboard pads today, your body will thank you.