The CCS Tour Backpack - The Return of a Classic


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If you’re looking for skate hats, CCS has you covered with a full selection of mesh-back trucker hats, corduroy hats, dad hats, reversible bucket hats, campers, boonies, snapbacks, strapbacks, and flexfit. What was once simply a means of keeping the sun out of your eyes and the elements off your head has become one of the premier locations for graphics and logos. A skate hat literally tops off a skater's clothes, so you want to make sure you’ve got the right fit and the right look.

First of all, you’re going to want to rep a brand you respect. Be it core skate brands like Baker, Santa Cruz, or Thrasher, skate-specific apparel brands like Former or RVCA, or world-class haberdashers like Brixton or New Era, that logo is gonna be the first thing people see, so make it count. Next up will be your personal preference for adjustability, usually a plastic snapback or leather or fabric strap.

And finally, pay attention to the CCS product descriptions so you can get the right fit. Most hats are mid-profile that sit slightly above the ear, only you will know how deep a dish your dome is going to need. Other features to ponder are ventilation eyelets, a curved or straight brim, materials, and structure.

Your skater hat is your crowning glory so don’t mess around. Remember, there are no bad hair days when your wearing your favorite hat.

Also, skate beanies have their own section here.