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What makes a good pair of skate jeans? Looks matter, but they should also be made with flexible materials so you can move freely. CCS has a huge selection of high-quality skate jeans by brands you trust, including Volcom, CCS, Vans, Polar, Blind Jeans, Fairplay, and more. Our denim comes in all sorts of fits and styles, from stylish skateboard skinny jeans that you can also wear to work to super-comfortable relaxed fit and baggy jeans that look good with your favorite skate shoes.

If you’re in the market for a good pair of skate-friendly denim, we recommend our line of jeans. All of our jeans are made of lightweight, stretchy denim, so they won’t restrict your movement while you’re skating or kicking it around the house. They’re also made tough for the rough and tumble skate lifestyle, with durable fabrics that can handle slams, weeks without washing, and general neglect they’re bound to be subject to. Check out our trendy yet affordable skate skinny jeans and relaxed fit jeans in a ton of washes and colors for denim that’s tough on everything but your wallet.

We also have denim by your favorite skate brands. Don’t forget to check out our selection of Volcom jeans to find a pair that fits your personality and lifestyle. Volcom denim is loved by skaters, snowboarders, and other active types because it’s durable and stretchy enough for hard skating but resilient and tailored enough for lifestyle wear. We also have a huge variety of Obey jeans at CCS for diehard fans of this SoCal-based streetwear fave. When you shop CCS for all your skating apparel, you always get free shipping on orders over $60, plus free returns and zero sales tax.