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Since printing our first mail order catalog back in 1985, CCS has made sure to have the best selection of skateboard trucks available. We have a truck to fit every type of skate deck, from all the most popular brands like Independent, Ace, Venture, Thunder, Krux, and more. We even carry our own brand of affordable price-point CCS Trucks.

Choosing your first pair of trucks comes down to what type of skating you’re going to be doing, the width of your board, and what pros and what company - if any - you want to support. Like everything in skateboarding, small differences in size and weight can make a big impact for some skaters (and not much of a difference for others). And to give you even more choices, skate trucks now come with various color and graphic options.

For more on choosing the right size of trucks, check out the Skateboard Trucks Section in our Buyer’s Guide.

As with most things in skateboarding, choosing the right trucks for you is up to personal preference. But figuring out what works best takes time and testing. For your first pair of trucks, we’d suggest you start with something that’s both dependable and affordable like CCS Trucks, and go from there. And remember, all the baseplates bolt measurements are standardized, so you can always switch it up later, or even customize your trucks with different hardnesses of bushings (the cushions under the hangers) and even kingpin conversion kits.

Make sure your skateboard trucks are paired with an equal quality set of skate wheels and skate bearings to maximize your set-up. And don't forget to bring it all together with adequate hardware and (if needed) risers. See you out there!