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Embracing "The Uncommon Thread" as its mantra, Stance turned one of the world’s most boring accessories—socks—into its most exciting by turning them into a canvas for self-expression. By underpinning it's creative roots with a relentless focus on technical innovation, Stance has redefined what socks should feel like and the role they play in personal style.

Stance celebrates human originality. Sometimes the story of originality is told through a concert sound system, other times it is with a brush on a canvas. Stance’s brand ambassadors, called Punks & Poets, are the muse of those who dared to be true to themselves and provide the heartbeat of the brand. Free thinking, brave, and passionate, they do things their own way and live by their own rules.

The varied and authentic expressions of Stance’s Punks & Poets provide the dynamic, iconic, and unrepeatable blueprint for everything Stance does. Unique stories are born from diversity. Human originality isn't always obvious. Sometimes it’s hidden, other times it’s waiting for the perfect moment for the spotlight to shine on it. Stance thrives on the challenge and opportunity to uncover the stories of the underdogs, outcasts, and outliers who are true to their hearts.