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With a name like Madness, it’s hard to believe that the skateboarding behind the brand could be classified as anything other than extremely foolish behavior: Fast lines. Big airs. Total chaos. This is the name of the game for one of the newest and most attention-grabbing brands on the market.

As for the cast responsible for this image, the newly assembled squad of Clay Kreiner, Sam Beckett, Jack Fardell and Alex Perelson have been chomping through bowls and blazing concrete since the brand’s inception in 2018. With a collection of road trips and contest appearances under their belt already, there’s no telling where the calamity will drive the team next.

As for the boards these guys have been making it happen on, their graphics and shapes are as wild as the riding they enable. From wide shovel-nosed shaped boards to classic popsicles with reimagined wheel wells, the decks used for causing a ruckus are as functionally unique as they come. The graphics, on the other hand, take things to a new level. Between custom staining, embossed textures and wood-burned finishes, these boards are just as much works of art as they are tools to tear through transition and and whatever else lays ahead.