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Thrasher Magazine was founded in 1981 and published by High Speed Productions, Inc in San Francisco, California. Its focus has always been to cover skateboarding with an authentic voice, but it also covers music, shows, and other art-forms surrounding the skateboard community. Like any good publication should, Thrasher became an integral part of the community it served through its unique approach and brand of journalism. Thrasher’s known for its gritty portrayal of skateboarding and unwavering loyalty to all things core skateboarding.

While the magazine is the backbone of the company, Thrasher apparel is often what the majority of the population associates with the brand. A well-worn Thrasher Hoodie or Thrasher Hat are staples in every core skateboarders wardrobe, but the Thrasher logo’s popularity has bled into popular culture. It’s not uncommon to see a pop singer or runway model to be seen strutting the streets in a tattered Thrasher T-Shirt. Success is a relatively new fit for skateboarding. It wasn’t so long ago that a skateboarder, in response to how he felt about Thrasher’s popularity with non-skateboarders, would say, "If it’s good for the industry, whatever." Brian Anderson was quoted in a Complex interview online saying "Thrasher is probably psyched that they’re selling a bunch of merchandise."