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Thrasher Skateboard Magazine, probably better suited by its nickname: “The Bible”, is regarded in many circles as the keeper of the core truths of skateboarding. Founded in 1981 in San Francisco, Thrasher has for over 30 years, kept its reputation as the gritty and pure representation of skateboarding and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

Thrasher Magazine got its start as a printed publication waaay back before the internet, when magazines were the only means by which kids in Iowa could follow west coast skateboarding. Today, in a world where skateboarding is everywhere and kids don’t read, Thrasher has morphed into something else.

The trademark insignia seen on Thrasher shirts and stickers: a goat and pentagram adorned with a “666”, serves as a reminder of where skateboarding came from.

We, as skateboarders, were all outcasts not so long ago. We were all dangerous, delinquent, and hard for society to swallow. Despite today’s onslaught of corporate sponsorships and mainstream media coverage, Thrasher is here to remind everyone that skate culture came from beyond the borders of societal normality.

It isn’t about cover photos, articles, or interviews. Not at its core. It’s not about anything religious or not religious. The Thrasher ethos has become as, if not more important than content on the magazine and website.

Thrasher shirts and gear emblazoned with disruptive symbols are just that – symbolic reminders of our roots. By promoting and maintaining the origin of skateboard culture as outlaw and outcast, Thrasher pays homage to the pioneers of our culture, and encourages all of us to do the same.