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Skate t-shirts have always been a driving force in the industry. Like graphics on skateboards, skate clothes are an avenue for companies to tell their story. Be it through the marketing associated with the apparel or the personality the graphics express, skate t shirts play an integral role in skateboarding.

Trying to imagine a skateboard shop without skateboarding t shirts is like imagining a coffee shop not serving pastries - it’s just a missed opportunity. And while skateboarders aren’t always the biggest fans of giant graphics on their shirt, supporting the companies they love and respect is very much part of skateboarding. For this reason, shirts, hoodies, jackets, and hats are an easy way to show which companies a skateboarder backs. You won’t find a skateboarder in the world who would turn down a free shirt or hat with their favorite company’s logo on it.

On the other side of the spectrum of skate shirts and apparel is self-expression. Identity and style are huge in skateboarding, which is why skateboarding is known for trendsetting - skateboarders take a lot of chances with style. If you don’t care about brand names, and are looking for cheap skate clothes that are also wellmade, CCS clothing is a great place to start.

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