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Welcome Skateboards is known for its unique board shapes and hand-drawn graphics, and that’s no mistake. Welcome was founded in 2010 by Jason Celaya. Celaya (a.k.a. "The Minister of Magic") built the brand because, at the time, he was dissatisfied with the state of skateboarding’s status quo. In his eyes, skateboarding’s focus had drifted from the creativity and individuality that made it so great, so Celaya and a small group of friends Started Welcome.

Every Welcome Skateboard stands apart from the competition. The shape of Welcome boards stands out as the biggest contributor to this fact, but we’d be remiss to not mention the graphics. If Welcome’s boards make up the body of the brand, its graphics are the soul. Welcome T-Shirts feature the same hand-drawn style graphics as the boards. The dark and foreboding illustrations are all done by Celaya, and as the art director, he is completely responsible for the aesthetic that has garnered the brand its occult like following.

Welcome’s popularity was part of a wave of independent skateboard brands, but has managed to retain its individuality. While Celaya’s dedication and involvement to the brand are major contributing factors to the brand, it’s safe to say, Welcome would not be the same without its team. Welcome’s team is a family. It’s not a group of contest winners or big names (although because of Welcome’s popularity, they’re getting more attention), it’s a group of skaters who skate alike and enjoy skating together. This approach to building a team has made watching riders like CCS team rider Ryan Lay, Daniel Vargas, and Nora Vasconcellos in Welcome videos like Fetish all the more enjoyable. For more on Welcome and it’s founder, checkout our Interview with Welcome's founder in the CCS Catalog.