Skateboard Buyer's Guide

Here at CCS, it is our job to supply you with the tools you'll need to navigate our planet's paved terrains with style and grace. Your skateboard will allow you to interact with areas and obstacles that most people ignore. The way you look at the world is different; your ability to see potential is a gift. Your skateboard is the key to a harmonious life within your surroundings, and we are here to put that key in your hands.
With our seemingly infinite selection of skateboards and other useful tools, it can help to have a little guidance in choosing the gear that best suits your individual needs.

The purpose of this buyer's guide is to enable you to assemble complete skateboards or select individual skateboard parts with an understanding of each part's function. Think of us as your outfitter as you explore the world on a crisp, four-wheeled piece of wood.

We'll break down the differences between all of the styles of skateboards and skateboard parts, hopefully answering any questions you might have. Follow this guide to build up your complete skateboard, or simply jump ahead to any of the listed categories for questions about specific components.