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It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all the different types of skate decks out there today. Triple-laminated four tone decks, quadruple composite concave half-loop boards…seriously, who dreams up this stuff? Sometimes skaters need a little simplicity, and that’s where Baker decks come in. Baker Skateboards was founded in 1999 by Andrew Reynolds with the goal of keeping things pure. No complicated designs, no flashy corporate ads and no unnecessary bells and whistles — just high-quality decks that are made for riding. CCS has a number of Baker skateboard decks ready to ship today that are for people who want to skate and chill without the drama.

Baker decks are all about the thrills with none of the silly frills. They give you exactly what you want: a well-built, good-looking deck for tearing it up on the streets or while skating transition. Each popsicle-shaped Baker deck in our skateboard warehouse is made from seven-ply maple that is durable and rugged enough for the hardest professional riders. They offer a number of widths for people of all foot sizes and riding styles, with smaller decks for street skaters and wider decks for ramp fiends. And their graphics are second to none, with logo decks, skeletons, album cover spoofs and even decks poking fun at their team pros. All in good fun, of course.

If you’re looking to live the simple life with your skating, check out our Baker skate decks. By stripping away the excess, you’ll get a board that gives you years of great use while being less expensive than its flashy counterparts. They have a huge stable of professionals that trust these boards in competition, and you’ll be in love with yours after the first ride. Add on a skate tool and riser pad before you check out and you’ll have everything you need to shred. Order before 3 p.m. EST and we’ll ship your deck the same business day!