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From Dub, Droors, American Dream Inc, and Alphanumeric, to Thee Teen-Aged and much much more, we give you the prolific and eternally creative Alyasha Owerka-Moore.

CCS' Russ Pope hangs out with the Customs X First Thursdays artist and design legend and talk about the Brooklyn Banks, Streetwear, and dance floor bangers.


CCS: What town are you living in right now, and how long ago did you come west from NY?

In a neighborhood called “Corridor” San Diego.  First got to San Diego in 1996. Spent a bunch of years cycling between SD, NY, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

What are three NY things you wish you had in CA?

1. Sometimes the seasons. 2. Better Public Transportation. 3. Birch Trees.

Alyasha Owerka-Moore

What was the last trip you took, where would you like your next trip to be?

New York to visit mom. I’d like to go visit Amherst, Mass, where I was born. I really miss Hong Kong and want to go to Mongolia some day.

Favorite person to watch / skate with at the Brooklyn Banks?

Whooooo! So many folks. Jeremy Henderson, Rodney Smith, Bruno Musso, Mat McGrath, Alex Talavera, Tony Converse, Jeff Pang, Harry Jumonji, Lamonte McIntosh, Paul Leung, Harold, Mike Hernandez, Derek Rinaldi, Blake Hannan, Jamal Simmons, Barker Barrett, Qulon Douglas, Stanley Lambert, those are names just off the top of the head.

You were there for and a key player in the birth of Street Wear. Is there still a Street Wear today? If yes, who is doing it right?

I was one of many who were part of a burgeoning scene / cottage industry called “Streetwear”. I don't really pay attention what is largely deemed “Streetwear” even though I’m proud of my accomplishments and contributions to what it was, I feel that it has held me back and become a stigma attached to my career as a designer. 
Any kid doing their own thing is experimenting and I applaud that.

MisterGreen is one of my favorite younger brands, but I don’t know that I would call it “Streetwear”.

CCS Alyasha

Do you have a favorite project or brand that you’ve done or worked with / on if I were to ask for one?

I REALLY enjoyed working on Dub and Droors because I got to learn a ton from Damon Way and Ken Block.
Thee Teen-Aged, because I got to work with one of my mentors George Wilson and friends Jason Adams, Connor Wyse, Tony Bang and Nick Simich.

Are you a vinyl or digital DJ?

I collect Vinyl, but DJ using Serato.

Is there an artist or song that always without fail gets folks jumpin?

“My Baby Likes to Boogaloo” by Don Gardner.

You have a favorite club or bar to spin records / play music at?

The Tower Bar in San Diego and I really liked spinning at Motorcity in the lower east side and Yumla in Hong Kong when they were open.

Alyasha Owerka-Moore skateboarding

Beer, coffee, cocktail or juice?

DANG! I like all 4 of them.
I usually Juice in the morning.
Have a cup of coffee a bit later, but trying to cut down.
Favorite beer is “Plenty for All” by Fall Brewing
If I have a cocktail it’s usually a Moscow Mule the way mom handed down my grandfather’s way to mix it:
Potato Vodka, Ginger Beer, Sprig of mint, NO bitters.

Do you have a preferred medium on the art front?

Non Photo Blue Pencil, Sharpie, Xerox Machine.
Spray Can.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions and for being part of the Customs X First Thursdays project. Have any parting comments, thoughts, upcoming projects to keep a lookout for, requests?

Stay creative, be the perpetual student, do your damndest to ignore trend, unplug as often as you can, read Bucky Fuller, make the world a better place.
Please Educate All Children Equally.

Thank you for inviting me to be part of this project.

Now it's your turn to collaborate with StackAly. Head over to CCS Customs X Alyasha, get creative with the customizable alphabet he created just for this project, make a shirt, deck, hoodie, or some grip, and make sure to tag us and #CCScustoms with your fresh new personalized gear.

Make sure to follow @stackaly to see what he comes up with next.

Alyasha Owerka-Moore 80sAlyasha in the 80s.

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