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Before the griptape, the bearings, the iconic yellow and green stuff, and before CHICKEN BONE NOWISON, Shake Junt was simply a group of skaters. Consisting largely of pros and friends from the Baker/Deathwish camp, Shake Junt is first and foremost a family.

According to founder Shane Heyl, his original goal for Shake Junt was to bring a bunch of his friends together to film a skate video. The more people that found out about his video project, the more people wanted to be a part of it. By the time he finished editing, he had over an hour of footage including ten full parts. In 2011 Heyl released the project, "Chicken Bone Nowison", a full length video featuring the skating of Heyl, Andrew Reynolds, Dustin Dollin, and way too many others to name.

Heyl had initially been making Shake Junt t-shirts and stickers in his apartment. He didn’t have the intention of creating a clothing or hardgoods company when he began playing with the idea of Shake Junt in 2005. He really just wanted to make stuff for his friends. After gaining momentum through his community of skaters and with "Chicken Bone", Heyl was able to take Shake Junt gear to the next level: Shake Junt skateboard griptape, skateboard hardware, skate bearings, as well as a full clothing line are now available to everyone. From their crew to yours, Shake Junt is for the homies, by the homies.