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Comedian, musician, artist, celebrity… Whitmer Thomas is a man of many talents. Fortunately for CCS, kickflipping over and over again in a hot Burbank parking lot on a weekday morning is among his diverse set of skills.

Fueled by buffalo wings, popsicles, and a fresh pair of suede hightops from Last Resort AB, Whitmer took these kicks to task for your amusement and enlightenment. Forgoing the monotony of a metronome flick, he ensured each kickflip was a unique experience to behold. Like we said, he’s an artist.

Will the VM001s hold up?
Will Whitmer hold up?
Will Last Resort give serious consideration to renaming this shoe to something punchy like “The Scorcher”?

Check the official wear test for all the answers you seek.

Check the selection of Last Resort AB sneakers at CCS right now.

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Last Resort wear test

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