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Almost Skateboards recently introduced a line of Super Sap decks made with an innovative eco-friendly resin adhesive to reduce the environmental burden of board manufacturing. 

That’s great, but new board construction technologies have a history of affecting deck performance (cough -Bonite- cough), and we wonder how  reducing the impact on our planet might also impact our staking?

To set all our minds at ease, Almost pro John Dilo met up with CCS to address all our practical (and environmental) concerns with a solid 100 servings of Super Sap kickflips. John even gave us a little extra by mixing up his kickflip variations so we can see how this deck functions while flipping into, out of, up, down, off, around, backwards, forwards and mid-manual.

Do the Earth a favor and consider a Super Sap from Almost (and Enjoi and Blind, and Madnessor search “Super Sap”) when you select your next deck at CCS.

You can also grab that sweet sweatshirt John is wearing from his new shoe sponsor, Hours Is Yours, at CCS, too.

John Dilo Almost

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