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Enjoi Skateboards has a sense of humor. Even their name states their mission - Enjoi. Enjoy skateboarding. Have a good time. Don’t take things too seriously. Chill the eff out and lighten the hell up! Their look is bold, bright, and colorful. Their logo is a panda. A really cool panda. But they’re not just about good times. They’re witty. They’re subversive. And they’re questioners of authority. Enjoi’s full-length videos have sweet names like Tweak the Beef, Bag of Suck, and Oververt and became instant classics upon their release.

One of the biggest names in skateboarding, Marc Johnson, who was Thrasher’s Skater of the Year, founded Enjoi in 2000 because he wanted to create something new and different. He thought there was a need, and so he filled it. And now, Enjoi’s skateboard decks, hardware, wheels accessories, and apparel are famous around the world.