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To give the recent Nike SB Dodgers Dunk Low the classic CCS 100 kickflip test, Matt Price called upon photographer to the stars, Dodgers diehard, On This chomper, ‘most LA dude’, and literal trolley dodger Atiba Jefferson. So it was off to Vin Scully Avenue to lay it down stationary-style.

Ever cynical of the waning motivation and endurance of a middle-aged skater, Nike SB Pro Sean Malto looked to enrich himself to the tune of a hundred bucks if Atiba couldn’t seal the deal within 60 minutes.

Atiba Jefferson skate

Will Atiba come through in the clutch or will he go down swinging?
Will the Nike SB laces hold up or will they tear like Tommy John’s elbow ligament?
Did CCS bring enough electrolytes for the full challenge?
Tune in and find out.

Dodgers Dunk

All the MLB Dodgers Dunks have already been raffled off, but make sure to check in with the CCS Instagram so you can be in the game for the next drop. Or consider tripling your odds with a CCS+ membership at

Thanks to Atiba and Sean and thanks to you for watching.

Nike SB Dunk Los Angeles

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