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On Sunday, August 21st, CCS will once again open our hearts and our warehouse parking lot as we host another rowdy Invitational skateboarding competition. We're proud of our reputation for recreating world famous skate spot (writ small enough to fit our loading dock), so you just know we've got something wild in the works. With the support of Converse Cons, Montucky Cold Snacks brewing, some pizza sponsor we have yet to confirm, and a whole village of vendors and well-wishers, we are stoked to offer to those skaters willing to accept the challenge: The granddaddy of all embankments; the SOTY maker and Gonz eyebrow taker; abandon all hope ye who enter… Lil’ Carwash!

This action packed event is free and open to all. But before the big day arrives, let's get reacquainted with our spot inspiration. The Sunset Carwash in Los Angeles, California.

CCS+ membersCCS+ 'Trip to LA' contest winners Justin & Michael pay their respects.

Much to the relief of drunken shot-calling pro skaters, the Sunset Carwash bank was rendered unskateable in late 2021. Amazingly for a spot with at least a 25 year history, it had only a handful of tricks (and a couple of terrifying slams) documented upon it in all this time. Let's take a look back. 

Greco Sunset Carwash

While skaters no doubt carved the embankments of the Carwash from the sidewalk since the 1980s, the first documented trick of significance would be John Cardiel's early-grab roll in from the roof in 1996. This was documented both in a Spitfire ad and Anti-Hero's Cow video. It is worth noting that during this same session, Mark Gonzales, who was committed to an attempt after Cards got his, took a legendary slam to the face in the street. The Carwash's legacy as a spot not to be trifled with was cemented.

Cardiel Spitfire

Perhaps as a result of the Gonz's terrible slam, it was several years before someone stepped to a proper ollie from the roof into the bank. In the meanwhile, here is some footage of Portland's Mikey Chin skating a different portion of the Carwash bank: 

It was in 2003 that both Baker pro Jim Greco and relative unknown Pee Wee Monkress ollied into the bank from the roof, backside (since they are regular footed). Greco got the cover of Transworld, Pee Wee had a Dogtown ad in the next issue, controversy ensued over who did it first (although we are Team Jimmy on this one). You can see the respective footage in Baker 3 and, obscurely enough, the Kreper Trucks video.

Sunset Carwash Ollie 2003Jim's photo is by Bobby Pyn and Pee Wee's photo is by Keith Eric Davidson.

And then, once again, the Carwash grew silent, this time for over a decade. It wasn't until 2016 that the arms race resumed as both Milton Martinez and Dustin Dollin, each filming for a Volcom video, attempted to kickflip into the bank from the roof. They. both. got. smoked.
Milton fractured his ankle severely on a warm up ollie attempt, and Dollin did what he did best; Slammed repeatedly and fucked up his knee. Dollin's attempts can be found here and here, and you don't want to see Milton's Hall of Meat. Trust us.

 Eventually, in 2019, Milton would land the kickflip into the Carwash bank and the resulting Thrasher cover and Demilicion video edit would win him both Skater of the Year and Trick of the Year.

Thrasher SOTY

In the following year, Alex Midler stepped it up with a backside 270 ollie into the bank, and some up-and-comer named Gavin Kish did a half cab (quarter cab?) into it. For a moment, it appeared the Carwash was going to become the next level of extreme proving grounds for street skateboarding.

Except it wasn't.
Perhaps anticipating the floodgates of tossed carcasses to come, the Sunset Carwash erected a wooden fence around the bank for nearly a year, only to remove it and put in the current metal guardrail around the bottom in October of 2021. 

Will someone liberate the spot? Will someone figure out how to incorporate the bank and the guardrail into a trick? Or is the book on skating the Carwash closed forever?

All this and more will contemplated, celebrated, and perhaps even desecrated when the greatest skaters of today and yesterday converge in Portland in late August . CCS will (sort of) recreate this iconic inclined plane into our loading dock, tricks will be attempted, prizes will be won, Montucky beer will flow, and maybe even some cars will be washed.

CCS Contest 2022

The Lil Carwash Invitational is FREE and open to the public (only invited professionals will be allowed to skate, though). We'll be streaming the whole event on our social media, and Jenkem will be there to capture all the glory and humiliation. We hope you will be there, too.

And CCS+ Members, keep an eye on your inbox for an opportunity to have us fly you and a homie out for the VIP experience of the event. 

Milton Martinez kicklfip carwash
Milton with the make. 2019.

Stay tuned to the CCS Instagram and Tiktok as we will be announcing special guests, CCS contest history, and a few surprise twists as the event draws near. Be there!

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