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Customs X First Thursdays

World-renowned, Pennsylvania-based artist, designer, and art director Keith Shore, brings his art to beer, galleries, trading cards, and now to you. Make a one of one custom creation by coloring up Keith’s drawing, time to get busy!

CCS chats it up with Keith about music, beer, and Garbage Pail Kids. 

Keith Shore art

CCS: Where are you living?

Keith: The Jersey Shore! We are in Ventnor all summer.

What does your studio set up look like currently?

Large Blush Pink metal desk, new Mac Studio, bamboo curtains, Misaki Kawai rug, Polish Peanuts (Charlie Brown) poster, and lots of Garbage Pail Kids ephemera.

How often do you travel to the Mikkeler HQ in Copenhagen?

I used to go 2-3 times a year but it’s been a bit now. Well over 2 years. We had twins during Covid and I haven’t traveled in a long time.

Keith Shore with babies

Are you a big sports fan? I love your re-imagined Topps sports and Garbage Pail Kids cards.

Not really… just hockey. But I grew up collecting cards - mostly GPK and baseball stuff so working with Topps has been a real thrill.

Have you done work in skateboarding before?

Yeah. A long time ago I made boards for Listen & Globe. And my first professional art job was as a designer at Heckler Magazine.

Have a favorite musician or genre of music?

Bill Callahan/ Smog, The Pastels, Stereolab, and Rollerskate Skinny.

Are you formally educated, self taught, and does any of that matter?

I don’t think it matters… I graduated with a design degree but I’ve been drawing my whole life.

Keith Shore mural

Food, have a favorite?


What’s your favorite medium to work in? Are you an analog guy, digital, or both?

For Mikkeller I’m mostly drawing / designing in Illustrator… if I’m painting I love Gouache… but I mostly just like keeping it simple - pencil on paper. I love my Pentel Twist Erase pencils.

Have a favorite Mikkeller beer?

The beers we make at Warpigs are awesome. Fun place to drink at in Copenhagen.

Keith Shore beer

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions and for being part of the Customs X First Thursdays project. Have any parting comments, thoughts, upcoming projects to keep a lookout for, requests?

Of course! I’m super stoked to be a part of this project. Always loved getting my little CCS catalogs in the mail. Lots of fun stuff coming up… Bob Ross & Golden Girls trading cards, Wilco poster, Garbage Pail Kids, customs baseball bats…

Now you can collaborate with Keith by coloring up his designs on shirts, hoodies, skateboard decks, and grip tape with Customs X by CCS.

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Keith Shore shirts

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