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Simple Shoes, the icon of 90s skateboarding footwear, has returned to CCS. And while the world may have gotten increasingly complicated since the ‘good old days’, Simple has managed to stay true to their ethos: clean, minimalist, comfortable, and easy on the planet.

But will the classic looks and elementary cupsole construction of the suede Simple OS sneakers stay humble in the face of a modern 100 Kickflip pummeling at the hands of artist / musician / skateboarder Akwasí Baffour Owusu?

Akwasi Owusu

What if Akwasí perplexes the wear test even further by doing the entire thing backwards with 100 Fakie Flips?!?

You can uncomplicate your life with the full line of Simple skate shoes and apparel at CCS right now:

Simple skate shoes

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