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CCS presents 100 Kickflips in Zion Wright's new Vans Zahba color way by Zion's own REAL Skateboards teammate Tanner Van Vark. Tanner is known for his ability to climb on walls like he is Spider-man or something, so we were stoked to hear he was down to flip his board 100 times for us. 

You think of Vans and you are typically picture a stripped down vulc shoe, but their newly designed Zahba model is a cup with their VR3 cush and impact waffle technologies and going to feel great jumping down your local 7 stair. 

How will they hold up? Will Tanner's kickflips flick through the toe? Tune in for answers to all these questions and more. And then head to to Zion's colorway and see if you can 540.

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Okay, we're done here. Thanks for watching!

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