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First Thursdays Fos

From Northern England to Los Angeles, Slam City to Heroin Skateboards and Snot Wheel Company, Collabs with Toy and Emerica, FOS FM Radio host, and a favorite in the Skate Creatives world.

We give you Mark “FOS” Foster.

Fos for CCS

CCS: Where are you living right now?

Fos: Eagle Rock in East Los Angeles; Four minute drive from Garvanza park.

How long have you been in the States now and where in the UK did you grow up?

I’ve been here for ten years, I grew up in Lancashire, it's in Northern England, it’s 30 minutes on the bus to Manchester. I lived there for 19 years, then went to art school and lived in London for 19 years, then decided to move to L.A.

Cabin drawings are amazing, do you have a cabin?

I do. I sold my house in London and then we were looking for houses in Los Angeles, but it was pretty expensive, so my wife and I ended up buying a cabin in the mountains. The ones that I draw are all from that little town and the surrounding areas.

Favorite spot for take out?

It was Tennessee Hot Chicken for the longest time, but they’re relocating, so right now it’s probably Triple Beam Pizza or Howlin’ Rays chicken. 

How long have you been making drawings for?

Since I was about four years old. My mum has sketchbooks from back then, they’re all drawings of Darth Vader fighting Spider-Man or the Incredible Hulk.

Mark 'Fos' Foster

FOS FM, are you still doing it?

When I first moved over here, Altamont the brand, who got me my work visa, they asked me to do the Fos FM radio show. I didn’t have any idea how to do that or really any inclination to start something like that, but it ended up being super fun and I did it for five years. Every Thursday night at 9pm I’d be doing the show. I thought it was interesting to talk to different skateboarders about their tastes in music, because that’s an aspect of their lives that maybe you don’t get to see too much of. I had a lot of fun doing it, and had a lot of great skaters on there that I’ve always respected. Eventually the time came where I felt like I had achieved what I wanted to do with it and it was time to focus on other things.

You seem like a prolific dude, do you feel like one?

I like to stay busy, maybe part of that is coming from a small town in England, I grew up working class, working in factories to get money to buy boards and shoes. We have a good work ethic I think. Plus, I get to draw skateboards all day long pretty much, so I really enjoy it and it doesn’t feel like work really.

Fos skateboarding

English Tea or American Coffee?

Always been a huge coffee fan. My mum used to have her afternoon coffee and read a book, and I’d do the same and she’d make me a coffee with loads of milk and sugar when I was around 9 or 10. Then I found out around 13 that I had a milk allergy, so I started drinking it black since then. I do love a good cup of tea and was drinking tonnes of it right before I left London, but definitely a coffee drinker mainly.

Want to tell us a bit about your newest company, SNOT?

I started it during the pandemic, basically it was because Dead Dave didn’t have a wheel sponsor and I knew a few other lads that would make up a pretty interesting team, so I started putting it together and had an idea to distribute it myself out of my house. I just want to have fun with it and make some good quality USA made wheels. I had the first delivery in May 2021 and sold out in ten days, and I haven’t been able to restock because of supply chain issues. We have a new drop coming next week that I’m incredibly excited about.

What’s the best Craig Questions or Dead Dave story you have?

Craig’s the best. I hung out with him one time and he was all grimy. He’d been skating all day and we went out for burgers and the waitress was this really pretty girl. And he said “I’m gonna ask her out” and I was like “Wait, what??” And he just started talking to her and saying how pretty she was and at the end said “Do you have a Boyfriend?” and she said “Yeah, I do” but without missing a beat he said “Do you need a new one?”
It was pretty incredible to witness. She ended up coming back and saying “We can swap numbers”, so he got this girl's number. I’d never seen anything like it. I love Craig, never a dull moment.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions and for being part of the Customs X First Thursdays project. Have any parting comments, thoughts, upcoming projects to keep a lookout for, requests?

Just look out for the CCS customs collaboration, I’m wearing the hoody right now as I’m typing this. I’m really stoked to see what everyone comes up with for this project!!

Mark FOS Foster

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