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Grab a marker and your mom's credit card (with her permission, of course), cause wearing heading deep into the official CCS Archives to take a look at one of the oldest items in our collection: the 1987 California Cheap Skates catalog.

CCS Catalog 1987Marty Jinx Jiminez on the cover

CCS Skateboards 1987\CCS skate decks 1980s

CCS Catalog Skateboard Decks 1987

CCS 1987 Trucks Wheels

CCS 80s Skate

CCS 1987 Catalog page

CCS 1987 T-Shirts

1987 Skateboarding

California Cheap Skates 1987

Vision Street Wear 1987

California Cheap Skates order form

California Surf Style catalog 1987

There you have it! This catalog is actually flipped halfway between California Cheap Skates (which sold hardgoods) and California Surf Style apparel and accessories. The two catalogs, each facing a different direction, started on either end and met in the middle (which is why the center spread is half upside-down!) These two divisions of CCS merged in the early 90s.

It is amazing how many of these board and T-Shirt graphics would become all-time classics: Neil Blender for G&S, the iconic Bone Brigade decks by VCJ, the Vision Psycho Stick. Heck, you can still get that exact same Bones Ripper shirt on right now!

And it is wild how many brands CCS still carries 35 years later: Santa Cruz, Powell-Peralta, Independent, Venture, Thunder, Pro Tec, Bones, OJ Wheels, Slime Balls, and Vans.

And how about Page 10 being dedicated to "Plastic Parts" with lappers and copers and nose guards! And such little space going towards footwear! And what ever happened to Skate Rags?

And so, so many berets.

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