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Vans recently bestowed the honor of a signature shoe to ramp champion Lizzie Armanto. It’s a top-to-bottom fresh design that emphasizes a snug fit and ultimate broken-in boardfeel without sacrificing durability. While it is easy to appreciate things like the EcoCush insole and the detailing on the heel tab, the real proof of the design is in the unfiltered performance.

 Lizzie Armanto Vans

With that in mind we headed over to Lizzie’s to have Lizzie skate The Lizzie. She told us a bit about designing a shoe during the socially distanced pandemic and showed off a pair she’s been rocking nonstop for over a month. Then, with a little backup from Vans team riders Axel Cruysberghs and Mami Tezuka, Lizzie takes a pristine pair to the backyard vert ramp to show us how it holds up.

Do these signature kicks have the out-of-the-box boardfeel for a heated session? 

How will The Lizzie handle those knee slides?

Has there ever been a more color coordinated wear test with the shoes matching the ramp’s coping and the fence?

Watch the video above and behold.

Lizzie Armanto invert

The unisex Lizzie from Vans is available right now in a variety of colorways at Give ‘em a wear test of your own and let us know what you think.

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Vans The Lizzie 2 monthsThese are Lizzie's pair after 2 months of skating the ramp.

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