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On August 21st, 2022, with the support of Converse CONS, some of the most celebrated skateboarders of the past, present, and future converged at CCS headquarters in Portland, Oregon to chop it up and throw it down at the Lil Carwash, a warehouse-loading-dock-sized recreation of the legendary Sunset Carwash spot. As with the previous 3 CCS Invitationals, we anticipated a lot of fun mixed with significant destruction. And we got a ton of both.

Louie Lopez skateboard

Video by Bobby Bils, Adam Robo, and Chris Varcadipane.
Photos by Norma Ibarra.


Elissa Steamer 2022Elissa Steamer showed up a few hours before the start of the event and immediately christened the Carwash with switch crooked grind. I guess when you're a judge you got to get your session in before the contest begins.

 CCS Portland
The Portland crowds came out early to check out all that the 2022 Carnival Village had to offer.

 Bones Wheels at CCS
The boys from Bones Wheels upgraded 100 sets of old wheels for brand new formula X97s free of charge. They even did all the labor.


Pro Tec at CCSOur pals at Pro Tec were on site protecting skulls and rotting teeth with a chance to win a new helmet and lots of candy as a consolation prize.

 Lakai at CCS
Walk up, spin the wheel, and walk away with a fresh pair of Lakai shoes? Yes, please.


Ace at CCSSlappies on Ace Trucks: Easy.
Winning some swag at the Ace Trucks Ring Toss game: Not as easy. (But still pretty easy).

 Pizza and skateboarding
Free pizza. The cornerstone of any skateboarding event.

 Montucky Cold Snacks
And what goes perfect with some pizza (if you're over 21 with ID)?

Montucky at CCSMontucky Cold Snacks, of course!

Lots of beerKeeping them Cold Snacks cold.

Montucky Cold Snacks beerCCS and Montucky Cold Snacks: This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Look Back LibraryMeanwhile Kevin from Look Back Library and Joe Brook are chilling at the event entrance kicking knowledge.

 Mason Silva Sean Malto
Mason and Malto have it made in the shade.


John CardielGuest of Honor and Carwash OG John Cardiel kept the stoke flowing all day long.
Including Cards, there were 7 SOTYs in attendance at the event!

 Myles de Courcy and Chandler Burton
There is here! Myles de Courcy and CCS rider (and new There Skateboards Pro) Chandler Burton getting loose before the contest begins.

Chandler BurtonAnd by "getting loose" we mean heavy tricks like this front smith.

 CCS Skate Contest
As the warm-up session started to heat up, the crowds started to gather.

 CCS Skate Event
10 more minutes for warm-ups and then the real madness begins.
Shout out to all the local rippers who got their tricks in before the official contest.


Dale DeckerDale Decker finds a good vantage point before things get too hectic.

 Price, Gerwer, Elissa
CCS Brand Director and Carwash Manager Matt Price introduces your MCs for the event: Frank Gerwer and Elissa Steamer!


CCS Lil CarwashIt's on!

 Sebo Walker
When Sebo shows up you know it's gonna go down. And Sebo always shows up for the CCS events. Flip in as the crowd flips out.

 Louie Lopez
CCS rider Louie Lopez with the fat frontside flip.

 CCS skate teamAnother pine-scented cash prize for Lou.

CCS Invitational ContestDon't worry, there's plenty more where that came from. Carwash attendant (and obstacle painter) Andrew Bobrek came strapped with Little Trees.

 Myles de Courcy
Myles goes the distance with this backside 5-0.

 Skate at CCS
Ryan Lay, Sean Malto, Louie, and Ish Cepeda. When these guys are stoked, you know something good is going down.

 Elissa Steamer at CCS
Elissa ensures that the hits keep coming.

 Drake Johnson skate
CCS rider Drake Johnson tosses a tre to flat.

 CCS Contest
Between Drake and Crazy Franky, there were some serious pine-scented pockets happening.

 Mason Silva noseblunt
Then CCS rider Mason Silva went and noseblunted the whole fuckin' Carwash.


CCS 2022And then everybody stops skating. A hush falls over the crowd Is the contest over? What's that appoaching?

 Evan Smith
UMA frontman Evan Smith rolls up (with the help of a forklift) in a slightly modified 1987 Chrysler LeBaron convertible.


CCS and Trans BestieThe Lil Carwash LeBaron Session is a go! 

 Evan Smith skateboard
Evan with the kickflip crooks!

 Chris Milic
Chris Milic with a frontside frogger.

 Chris "Mago' Milic
Bruised Mango.

 Erik Herrera
Erik Herrera with a backside LeBaron flip.

 Jamie Foy
CCS rider Jamie Foy; Textbook fakie 5-0.

 Antonio Durao
Antonio Durao with a switch stance backside tailslide on the LeBaron rail. Stop for a moment and think about that. Switch back tail. Mental.

 CCS contestThe crowd was HYPED!

 Drake Johnson CCS
Drake cuts through the chaos with a smooooth 360flip. 

 Louie Lopez 2022
Louie was rifling off bangers at a furious pace. Frontside feeble to frontside 180 out.

 Louie Lopez SOTY 2022

 skate car
And then, the inevitable.


CCS skateWhen Price pours a beer on it, you know the contest is done.

 Tommy G and Drake
Drake and Tommy Guerrero discuss the history of skating cars in contests while the judges "tabulate their scorecards".

 Matt Price CCS
Olympic medals are cool and all but the real pinnacle of skateboard competition achievement is a CCS trophy that definitely isn't a toy car glued to a candlestick and spray painted gold.

 Sebo Walker CCS
Hometown hero Sebo Walker representing for Portland. Best Trick Into the Lil Carwash.

 Mason Silva SOTY
Mason Silva gets some hardware to put next to his SOTY trophy. Best ledge trick for that noseblunt.


Ish CepedaIsh was landing bolts all day. Best Trick Over the LeBaron.
Tony D also got a trophy for his rail wizardry, but was too elusive and mysterious to be photographed when not skating.


Louie Lopez winsAnd Cardiel's Choice for grand winner of the Lil Carwash: Louie Lopez.
In addition to the glory, a pocket full of pine-smelling 20s, and a check of 3 grand, Louie also gets the original papercut artwork for the event flyer by artist Nathan McKee. Congrats, Louie!

 Tommy Guererro
And we've got to mention that the contest weekend was highlighted with a musical performance by Tommy Guerrero.


Winners, all

HUGE thanks to everyone who skated the event, Converse CONS for making it happen, Montucky Cold Snacks for providing beer, all the brands that hooked the fans up in our carnival village, Tommy G, Frank Gerwer, Elissa Steamer, John Cardiel, and most of all the awesome folks who came out to witness the event and support what we do. Let's do it again next year!

PDX CourtsBy the way, if you want to skate the 16-foot ledge of the Lil Carwash, we brought it over to the PSU Courts park for everyone to enjoy. Mohr Customs is utilizing the rest Lil Carwash wood to make some more obstacles that'll be coming soon.

OK, play us out, Tommy. 

Tommy G music

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