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Lakai Limited Footwear was founded in 1999 by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard after the two left the DC Shoes Skateboard team. Lakai skate shoes, like many early 2000’s skate shoes saw their fair share of excessive material, shoe tech, and experimental shapes. Today, Lakai is known best for its relationship (in the truest sense of the word) to Crailtap.

Every brand in the Crailtap family has laidback, light-hearted, California skate approach to business and promotion (or those interested, Crailtap refers to tapping a skateboard trick called ‘crailslide’ opposed to actually sliding it). Nowhere is Lakai’s lighthearted love for for skating more visible than in videos like Lakai’s Fully Flared and The Final Flare! Some Lakai skate team heavyweights featured on these videos include Riley Hawk, Raven Tershy, and Stevie Perez.

Lakai’s approach to the skate industry and light-hearted videos and marketing is genius from a business perspective. Lakai T-Shirts can be seen in school hallways and skate parks across America, while its hoodies, hats, and accessories are sure to go onto be skateboard collector’s items for future generations to fight over.